Tuesday, February 13, 2018

flu changes family routines

For a family in New York, protecting themselves against the flu has transformed their daily routine. Though some might say that they are going overboard, the mom insists that she will not take any chances no matter how small. Not only did she train her children to be consummate hand washers, but she also makes sure that surfaces, clothes and hands are disinfected. Her children undress and bathe right when they come home from school. Her husband travels for work, so he places his clothes in a trash bag at the door when he arrives and washes his hands. The clothes will be cleaned later, but the mom does not want to take any chances that germs can travel from the plane to her home. Invitations to parties are turned down and the parents exercise outside instead of attending classes. Coats are washed weekly and they also take a daily dose of cod liver oil, just in case. Since the flu has reached epidemic proportions, parents are panicking. Doctors still stress that getting the flu shot is your best defense. new york post
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