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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

mourning the loss of eggs + embryos

A memorial service took place on over the weekend to grieve for the eggs and embryos that were tragically lost in an accident in March.  950 patients of a fertility clinic lost at least 4,000 eggs and embryos because of a system malfunction the first weekend of March. Many of them had gone through grueling fertility treatments so they could freeze eggs and embryos, which they stored at University Hospitals in Cleveland. Eggs and embryos had been stored in a liquid nitrogen tank, equipped with a remote alarm system that should have alerted an employee to any temperature changes. But the hospital says the alarm was off when the tank temperatures rose and an alert was never issued.  Apparently, there was a pattern of malfunctions at the clinic but patients were never made aware of these prior issues. Now, the would-be parents are speaking out and there are dozens of lawsuits in progress. cnn
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