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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

pumping innovation

Pump2Baby is a newly engineered, breast pump accessory that connects to any Medela breast pump. It is designed to save time and stress by allowing moms to pump and bottle-feed simultaneously. The user begins hands-free pumping with a pumping bra, and once some milk has accumulated in the bottle, the baby can suck it out through tubing to a nipple. A special valve in the bottom of each bottle prevents milk from leaking until the baby starts sucking.  Not only is it a time saver, the Pump2Baby reinforces the mother's bonding experience with her child. The ability to pump and feed at the same time means the user can now hold their baby while pumping which simulates the bond moms create while breastfeeding. "Whether it is difficulty latching, giving birth to multiples, returning to work, or a host of other common issues, many women struggle with nursing and start pumping to produce breast milk. I wanted to create something to ease frustration with the pumping process," Katherine Hornbostel, University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering  
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