Wednesday, June 13, 2018

shift in masculinity

The same research from sociologists from BYU and Ball State not only shows a shift in the participation of fathers in their children's lives, but also shows that the cultural identity of masculinity has been shifting too. The current spectrum of masculinity shows a broad range from toxic aspects including aggression, detached relationships, not showing emotion, being a "tough guy" and failing to ask for help to the more beneficial aspects of masculinity including being goal-oriented and loyal.  As fathers continue to navigate changing social expectations, they are learning to be more empathetic, nurturing and caring while engaging in their children's lives.  By teaching both boys and men to become more emotionally aware, they will become better fathers and be emotionally and mentally present for their children and their well-being.  Demonstrating beliefs and attitudes that are supportive will benefit the father-child relationship and also teach children positive behaviors - a win win for all families. totz+today
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