Wednesday, June 13, 2018

single dad + surrogacy

There are a growing number of single men who are becoming fathers via surrogacy.   Surrogacy can cost more than $100,000 and involves finding a woman who wants to carry your child by achieving a pregnancy via in vitro fertilization.  At Family Source Consultants in Chicago, which facilitates about 25 single-father/surrogate matches a year, up from 10 to 15 five years ago, said that single men, both gay and heterosexual, are pursuing surrogacy for the same reason single women are freezing their eggs: They really want biological children. “Men who have a paternal instinct — it is no less than women who have a maternal instinct...They will be as obsessed as a woman will be; they just want it so much. And then when they have their babies they’re so happy; they’re so grateful; they’re such great parents.” Alternative Reproductive Resources, another Chicago agency, matches about three single dads with surrogates each year. As one father said, “For me (Father’s Day) means I’m working on completing my family. And it’s happiness. I’m so happy to be a dad.” chicago tribune
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