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lucky baby names

If you are lucky enough to catch a Leprechaun on St Patrick's Day tomorrow, you may be showered with treasures in exchange for the trickster's freedom.  If they are too sly to catch, why not bestow some luck on your newborn?  Here are some baby names that mean good fortune:  Asher, Edmund, Evangeline, Felix, Halona, Zada, Lakshmi, Madoc, Seven, Ventura, Mazel, Ebisu, Kichi and of course, Fortuna! nameberry more

why do babies clench their fists?

Newborns clench their fists out of habit of being in the womb. Not only do newborns clench their fist, but they do it in a distinct way - by tucking in their thumb. That is because of the most delicate area in the womb - the ultra thin amniotic sac that envelops the baby. The amnion is a complex nurturing biochemical membrane. Even scratching or pricking that amnion can induce a cascade of chemicals and hormones and lead to premature labor. During amniocentesis, doctors routinely caution parents that even the stick of the needle can induce premature labor. When doctors need to induce labor, they will just strip a small part of the amnion to get the process going. Even though prenatal fingernails are very soft, mother nature wants all five fingers tucked in to prevent damaging that amnion. With that distinct "thumb-in-fist", all the nails are out of the way. Eventually, babies stop tucking their thumbs - just in time for their favorite thumb-sucking past-time. forbes more

celebrity parenting trends

Interested in the newest parenting hype?  Check out what some celebrity parents are dabbling in from placenta pills and attachment parenting to clapping back at mommy shamers. Remember, before you jump into anything new, please check with your doctor or pediatrician before trying out the latest famous parent fad. E!news more

less labor time? yes, please!

Regular exercise throughout pregnancy can shorten the duration of labor, according to the f irst clinical trial to test the effectiveness of prenatal physical activity. Women who undertook regular aerobic, strengthening, and pelvic floor exercises spent an average of 50 minutes less time in labor. All exercise can be considered labor prep - learn more ways you can safely exercise during pregnancy at  fit pregnancy more

parenting styles

According to one psychotherapist,  parents employ specific strategies and coping skills to deal with the challenges of the modern world. The way you raise your children will have a lifelong impact on their emotional health and behavior. Shes sees four main types of parents: Relaxed Rulers, No-nonsense commanders, Eager Advocates and Mentally Strong Leaders. She believes, parents who are mentally strong leaders are most likely to raise successful children, as they offer guidance, love, and lead by example. Which type of parent might you be? For more visit business insider  more

mischievous little leprechaun

today highlighted an oldie but goodie St Patrick's Day treat from Alan Lawrence, #thatdadblog . Check out the amazing tricks his little leprechaun (played by his toddler son) got up to.

Pediatrician Dr. Bazelton + newborns

Renown Pediatrician Dr. T. Barry Bazelton, or "America's Pediatrician" died this week shortly after his 100th birthday. To find out more about how he influenced the world of Pediatrics by developing the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS) , emphasizing how important Touchpoints are and advocating for early newborn learning and development, read this NY Times article. To view his video on newborns, click here: youtube more

not enough babies

There are endless reasons why a big-box toy store like, Toys R Us, would collapse — their amount of debt incurred by its private-equity owners, competition from Amazon, Walmart and Target and raising costs of imported goods they sold. But Toys R Us said, one of the greatest contributing factors - there wasn't enough babies. The remarkable decrease of birthrates in countries that they operated greatly reduced their sales. So as we look to the future, Toys R Us will just have been the first of many businesses of all descriptions facing the same hard demographic truth: Economic growth is extremely difficult without population growth. washington post more

march madness primetime for a vasectomy

Are you or your male partner thinking about a vasectomy? Now -- as March Madness begins -- might be just the time for the procedure.  The NCAA basketball tournament and other major "sporting events are a popular time for men to schedule a vasectomy because we advise them to take it easy for two to three days after the procedure," Dr. Jim Dupree, an assistant professor of urology at the University of Michigan, said in a school news release. "For most men, this means sitting on the couch in front of their television, and sporting events offer them something to watch while resting." Just a thought... healthday  more

zika virus still a concern

A new study of pregnant women in the Caribbean further confirms that Zika virus causes birth defects, particularly if infection occurs early in pregnancy. About 7% of Zika-infected women in French territories of the Caribbean delivered babies that suffered from birth defects of the brain and eyes. Researchers believe these birth defects occur due to a woman's overwhelming immune response to Zika, rather than directly by the virus itself. The study also emphasizes the need for women to be careful, even though there is currently no Zika epidemic raging throughout many parts of the world. "While Zika has faded from the headlines, it's critically important that pregnant women not travel to areas with risk of Zika, and pregnant women living in areas with Zika take steps to prevent mosquito bites and sexual transmission," said Margaret Honein, chief of birth defects at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  healthday more


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