Thursday, April 26, 2018

cohabitation + the decline of single moms

Single motherhood has declined in the USA due in part to cohabitation. In 1968, 88% of unmarried parents were single mothers. In 2017, that number has reduced to 53%. Many millennial couples are choosing to live together as an unmarried couple according to a study by the pew research center . Though the trend of cohabitation + parenting is enjoying an uptick, many American's still disapprove of its rise in popularity. Remember, no matter what any poll or research says, you do you. Embrace your life and your child's life and do what is best for your family. In the end, that is all that matters.more

don't be alarmed - "dry drowning"

Following up on yesterday's totz+ news report on "dry drowning" - the American College of Emergency Physicians say parents should not be worried about their children's risk of the condition.  The group also believes the term 'dry drowning' that was used in the media is misleading. "Swimming is not without some risk. You could develop pneumonia or other infections from inhaling water, for example. But there are no cases of completely normal healthy children who suddenly die because they went swimming days earlier," ACEP President Dr. Paul Kivela said in the news release. "If water gets in your airway or lungs, symptoms show very quickly, they do not emerge out of the blue days later.  The concept of 'dry drowning' is a misnomer and a myth, let's stop using the term and avoid causing undue alarm."more

are you my "abba?"

Some LGBT families struggle with the traditional gender specific monikers of mother, mom, mama, mommy, father, dad, daddy and dada since they do not match with how they personally identify. Therefore, they strive to find nicknames or create new terminology that works for them. One LA couple used Mama & Abba (Dad in Hebrew) because it felt more gender neutral and also helped them honor their Jewish heritage. “The label is not the role. Being a parent is being a parent. It’s actually quite interesting that we don’t have a de-gendered parenting label in English, but in the 21st century our roles are far less gendered.” Names some LGBT couples have used include, but are not limited to, Mather, Muzzie, Maddie, Xax, Baba and Ren or Renny (derived from paRENt) . nytimes more

fighting for alfie

The European Court of Human Rights this week rejected a case from British parents who want to take their terminally ill toddler to Italy for treatment instead of allowing a U.K. hospital to remove him from life support. Doctors say Alfie , 23 months old, is in a "semi-vegetative state" as the result of a unidentifiable degenerative neurological condition.   Earlier British court rulings blocked further medical treatment and ordered the boy's life support to be withdrawn. Alfie's parents want to take him to the Vatican's Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital. Doctors at Alder Hey believe that would not be in the toddler's best interests, and British courts have agreed.  Pope Francis has offered prayers for Alfie and has told the parents 'only God can decide who dies.'  Italy has also granted Alfie citizenship in hopes that doing so would facilitate his "immediate" transfer to Rome. cnn more

hostile womb

In many cases, doctors do not know exactly what triggers a mother's premature labor. However, a new study suggests that, sometimes, it may happen because the baby's immune system essentially "rejects" the mother, like a person's body rejects a transplanted organ - it's as though the fetal immune system 'awakens' prematurely and triggers labor. This may happen if a woman has a silent infection (meaning it does not cause symptoms), which then arouses the fetal immune system and the fetus tries to exit the "hostile" environment. live science more

suspending baby

With the constant fear of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) , a first-time father has created a product aimed at keeping his own baby and others safe.  It's called the 'Crescent Womb' - which attaches to the crib and suspends the baby up and away from any risk of suffocating blankets, toys, etc. - allowing the baby to sleep without any air restrictions.  "Every day we get messages from parents that use the product and say it's changed their life. Helps them get more sleep. Gives them peace of mind. Keeps the child safe."  The Crescent Womb is certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. abc news more

panic partnering

Latest research shows that, contrary to what many people believe, women do not freeze their eggs for career reasons. They freeze them because they need more time to find a suitable partner, to avoid future regret and to prevent engaging in what we have called "panic partnering".  About two-thirds of women who chose to freeze their eggs do so to avoid panic partnering - entering into a relationship with a partner they would not have otherwise chosen simply to prevent unwanted childlessness in the future.  One participant of the study put it like this: "I know that these days, there are a lot of women that just decide: oh my god, I am in my late thirties, I am just going to try and get pregnant with the next person that I meet. Whereas I suppose I am a conservative at heart, and I just didn't want to do that."more

elective induction

Researchers at the University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine found first-time healthy mothers electively induced (artificially stimulated) at 39 weeks are at less risk of cesarean delivery and other serious complications compared to those induced after 41 weeks. Obstetricians generally recommend the procedure at that point since the pregnancy is considered "late-term" and the placenta has more difficulty providing essential nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. "Sometimes clinicians do something because that is the way it's always been done. These findings demonstrate the importance of strong evidence-based research in informing and shaping standards of care."  medical xpress more

preschool 'fade-out'

Plenty of early-childhood studies have shown that children who attend preschool start kindergarten with a measurable advantage of their peers who were not enrolled. The same studies also show that the academic progress of these two groups converge as the children move through school. By the time they reach 3rd grade, the students often are academically indistinguishable from one another.  Therefore, making parents question the benefits of early childhood education that may systematically fade-out ? Two new studies have tackled the topic of early-education "fadeout." And though they use different data sets, the researchers point to similar conclusions: For positive benefits to last, early-childhood programs have to be of high quality. Here are some guidelines to help define a "high quality" preschool .more

enjoy the ride

As the possibility of streets populated by autonomous vehicles zooms into reality, a variety of concerns over safety and ethics have emerged. But, there is something else to consider - that self-driving cars could take away one of the few remaining opportunities in our daily lives to build connections with our children. Riding around with our children, strapped in their car seats, unable to be distracted, allows us the time as parents to foster connections with our children.  And it allows our children the space to say whatever’s on their minds - even if it's to chatter nonsense or sing silly songs. The car ride allows conversational moments to arise when there is no expectation of productivity.  Enjoy the ride! pyschology today more

backyard buzz

What’s new, different and unique? Peek into these cities’ backyards to find the buzz.

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