Tuesday, February 20, 2018

peanut allergy therapy

Roughly 1.5 to 2 million children under the age of 18 have a peanut allergy. Therefore, when news of a positive Aimmune clinical trial was released, their shares went up during early morning trading. The experimental test aimed to expose small but escalating doses of ingestible peanut protein to their patients aged 4-17 who could not even tolerate exposure to 10% of a single peanut. By the end of the study, 67% of patients did tolerate at least a 600-milligram dose of peanut protein, equivalent to 2 peanuts or one small bite of a peanut butter sandwich. Although this might seem like a small step, toleration to a single bite could be the difference between a fatal bite and one that could be saved with the help of additional epinephrine. Read more about the study here: statnews more

olympic moms

Beloved Olympic athletes attribute some of their successes to their mothers. huffington post gathered some of the best quotes about their moms from our Olympic athletes including alpine ski racer champion Lindsey Vonn. “My mom is really tough. I mean, she had a stroke when she gave birth to me. I’ve never once heard her complain about it. She always taught me, no matter what the situation, I can overcome it.”more

curling inspires baby name

A curling family named their premature baby girl after an island made of granite. Ailsa was named after the Scottish island mined for the rock that produces curling stones in honor of her parent's beloved sport. Although she struggled during the first few months of her life, Ailsa now cheers on her father who is competing in this winter Olympic curling competitions. Her ability to battle and survive gave her father the strength to compete. beloit daily more

that cling thing

Attempting to figure out how to deal with separation anxiety? parenting created an age-by-age guideline for parents and caregivers. When they are babies, make sure that you start teaching them about separation early. When you are ready to leave your child with another caring adult, keep your goodbyes short and chipper. Try and avoid sneaking off or showing how worried you are about leaving them. Quick and cheerful goodbyes and hellos are the best way to deal with simple separation. When they are toddlers, attempt to create a goodbye ritual. Include an estimated return time and remind your toddler that you will always be back soon. Knowing the goodbye routine will keep your child feeling confident and secure. You might also consider giving your child a small job to do like shutting the door or organizing their toys while you are gone. Giving them responsibilities can give them strategies to not fixate on any potential anxieties. If they still suffer from separation anxiety when they enter grade school, make sure that they know it is OK to feel nervous, but that they are getting older and you are proud that they are attempting to handle any uncomfortable feelings. Make sure that they understand the routines and that you do not cave in. Give your child extra hugs, kisses and one-on-one time, but do not alter the required routine for continued success.more

scary mommy advice

Everyone likes to give advice to new parents, but this seasoned parent's article cut right to the heart of the matter. Instead of doubting your abilities, make sure that you give yourself some slack, trust your gut and allow yourself to find the humor in the adventure that is parenting. Other advice includes getting to know your children's teachers and friend's families, educate yourself on what you are feeding them, make sure that they get help when they need it most, spend some free time with your kids and always adjust your expectations, hopes and dreams for your children. They will morph over time as they grow and as you grow with them. scary mommy more

"slime after slime"

Grade school children have become obsessed with creating slime of all shapes and sizes in multi-colors with sparkles and glitter and anything else they can dream up. If your kitchen has become a "meth lab for kids," this video posted by the Holderness Family will make you laugh. Or cry... today more

is your child a quitter?

Parents excited that their child joins extracurricular activities, sports teams and book clubs are disappointed when their child quickly looses interest. If you are worried that your child is a quitter or is growing up too soft, here is some advice from the washington post to get you through any tough situation in order to prepare your child for the future. Firstly, explain the difference between "I don't want to" and "I don't feel like it." The subtle shift in mentality makes all the difference. Discuss what the ultimate goal is and if putting in the work now makes the goal obtainable, then they should stick with the initial plan. Remember that kids do change as they grow so sure that you do not paint your child into a corner. Although they might not be interested in staying in activities now, their peers might have a strong influence on them in the future and it will be harder for them to break their commitments. Focus on the areas that they do put in a lot of effort to and make sure that you get to the root of the problem. Maybe there is another reason why your child does not want to participate. Open the line of communication so that they feel comfortable discussing their reasoning with you.more

narcissistic parenting

A parent who is overly narcissistic or has an excessive interested or admiration in themselves could be raising children with crippling self-doubt. The narcissistic parent's child seldom feels seen or heard or and thinks that their feelings will not be acknowledged. The child is often valued for what they do instead of for who they are and will believe that how they are perceived and how they look is more important than true authenticity. If you feel like your child is suffering under a narcissistic spouse, please look for the signs so that you can make sure that the child has a healthy role model for real emotional connections so that they will understand how to seek true love instead of love that is born out of attention seeking. psychology today more

miracle baby names

If you feel like your baby is a blessing or a miracle, choosing a name that has the same meaning might be intriguing for you. Matthew and Thaddeus both mean gift from God while Pelia and Ayah mean miracle. Boone and Beatrix both mean blessed. For more beautiful miracle names for your baby check baby center .more

terrible parenting hacks

Some parenting tips are helpful, while others are just plain strange. Here are 15 parenting hacks that make some parents go... hummmm? somecards
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