Friday, May 18, 2018

playground protocol

No matter if you are attempting to make "mom" friends or dealing with sandbox politics when you are at the playground, you still must know the unwritten laws that govern the slings and slides.  Parents and caregivers monitor the "nonnegotiable" rules, so popsugar gave some insight to help everyone out.
  • Close all gates - Please.  No matter what.  Not just for your child's safety, but for everyone's safety.
  • Share the equipment - Do not hog any playground apparatus or equipment, especially if a little one is waiting for the swing or slide!
  • Mind the little ones - They might be mistakenly underfoot and big kids should always be kind to little kids.  Period.
  • Be aware of your surroundings - Not only keep an eye on your children, but also be aware of rouge swings and low hanging poles and bars.
  • Follow park rules - If no dogs or bottles are allowed, no dogs or bottles are allowed. End of story.  No matter what.
  • Be kind - You do not have to make friends, or even small talk, but a kind smile goes a long way.  You never know what kind of a day they had before they came to the park.
  • Take a break - Relax and enjoy, but do not check out completely, you still have a little one to watch!

another school shooting

Education should be the first thing on a child's mind when they go to school, not whether or not they will be shot. If you are a parent, it does not matter what side of the isle you are on. What matters is keeping our children safe at school. No parent ever wants their child's teacher to tell them to "start running" because there is an active shooter at their school, but today, police are still dealing with another tragic school shooting at a Santa Fe, Texas high school where up to ten people have been killed. ap news - More details will follow in the coming days, but this horrible news comes within months after the national school walkout and the march for our lives walks. Together we should determine how to keep our children safe at schools.more

toxin-free baby products

Consumers are beginning to realize how toxic many everyday beauty products are. Formaldehyde, a known neurotoxin, is a common ingredient in shampoo, and phthalates, endocrine disruptors, are used in synthetic fragrances. Until the  FDA strengthens it's regulations on beauty products, parents who are concerned about their babies being exposed to harmful toxins must turn to brands that are self-regulating. One new toxin-free baby brand is has launched, 'Evereden', offering products like: body wash, sunscreen, and diaper cream – all formulated with input from Stanford and Harvard doctors. And uses ingredients like aloe leaf juice to soothe skin redness and sunflower seed oil to protect the skin’s barrier. The line is designed to be affordable, with prices ranging from $21 to $27, which is cheaper than luxury brands. The products are now available at , but will soon be available in stores around the globe. fast company more

autism detection break-through

 According to a Boston Children's Hospital study , Autism can now be diagnosed in babies as young as 3 months old. The study shows that electroencephalograms (EEGs), which measure the brain’s electrical activity, can accurately predict or rule out autism in babies. The study's accuracy in predicting autism in babies at 9 months old is nearly 100 percent. The earlier autism is diagnosed, the more effective the treatment can be. Typically, many children aren't diagnosed until age two or older. This new break through may come as a relief to parents whom may already have an older autistic child and would like to find out as soon as possible if their new baby is Autistic as well. nbc news - boston


wedding baby ban

The Royal wedding is quickly approaching and Prince Harry's newest nephew will not be making the ceremony. Have you been invited to a wedding and the invitation says - no children?  Which also means - no babies.  They don't take up much space, they don't require a place setting at the reception, so what's the problem? Even though it might seem like a great time to show off your new little one or it might be too difficult for you to leave baby at home to attend your best friend's life changing event ... there are reasons why some brides ask that babies stay at home. Here is one mother's perspective on why she "banned babies" from her wedding romper .  How do you feel about babies being ban from weddings? Share your view @totztoday more

prevalence of fetal alcohol disorders

Previous studies of  FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorders) estimated that 1% of U.S. children were affected by alcohol while in the womb. However, the latest study of first graders, has found that actually up to 5% of children suffer from FASD - and that number in conservative since it does not take into account children who were not part of the study. “I would say this research truly once and for all firmly established the magnitude of FASD. It’s now really time for us to push forward and make this study the catalyst for change and progress.” The effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on the brain can result in deficits that contribute to physical, cognitive, behavioral, and social challenges throughout life. national institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism more

baby gorilla sleeps through the night - yours will too!

Even zookeepers celebrate when a baby finally sleeps through the night. Born on September 9th, 2017 at the Milwaukee County Zoo, Zahara finally slept through the night from 7pm until 7am. Although the zookeepers are still keeping up round the clock care, they are celebrating the major milestone for the little 8-month old. cbs58 milwaukee Is your little one still keeping you up at night? All babies are different and what to expect gives some tips about how long they will sleep through the night.
  • Newborn - Usually feed roughly every 3 hours.
  • Between 2 & 3-months old - Sleep roughly 5-6 hours without feeding.
  • By 4-months old (or 11 pounds) - Sleep roughly 7 hours without feeding.

zika update

The Zika virus is quite threatening, now for the first time, scientist have found evidence that infants who were  exposed to Zika before birth, have a higher prevalence of major cardiac defects. The researchers recommend that infants with suspected congenital Zika infection should be evaluated for cardiac problems before discharge from the maternity hospital. If are any abnormalities are found, a pediatric cardiologist evaluation should be requested. So far, 2018, there have been no local mosquito-borne Zika virus transmissions reported in the continental United States. Zika cases reported in the U.S. have come from mother's who contracted the virus while traveling. For the most up to date territories that are affected with the Zika Virus please visit more

language proficiency

A University of Washington study determined that increased language skills and proficiency helps children not only succeed in reading, but also in math. A robust vocabulary and detailed understanding of grammar often predicts how well students will perform at school and on tests. "Language, in other words, supports academic and social success." science daily more

tweets to tickle your funny bone

"10% of parenthood is trying to figure out what smells." At times, parenting requires a sense of humor. Therefore, read funny tweets like these at huffington post . "5-year-old: I'm missing a toe! Me: What?! 5: Never mind. I miscounted."
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