Friday, July 13, 2018

solid food sooner

A new clinical trial in the U.K. examined the affect transitioning to solid food had on babies sleeping through the night. Researchers monitored two groups of babies, one starting solid foods at 3 months and one starting solid foods at 6 months. Researchers found that the babies who started solid foods earlier woke up at night less often and slept longer too. Since this research is in its early stages, please do not start feeding your baby solid foods too early until more information is available and check in with your pediatrician. usa today more

more playtime despite extracurricular activities

Many parents worry about fitting regular playtime into their children's busy schedule. University of Toronto found that children who engage in structured sports and activities still find time to engage in unstructured playtime. University of Toronto's study found that the higher participation in structured extracurriculars, the more time children actually find to engage in free play. Researchers believe that the skills kids develop while participating in structured sports allow them to be more active in their free time. medical xpress   Read more about the benefits of unstructured playtime here: totz+ more

pre-potty training tips

Is your little one ready to start potty training?  Since this is a big step for toddlers and their parents, motherly published some tips on how to prepare for this next chapter in your child's life:
  • be ready - do not try to potty train your child too early
  • expect accidents - they will happen - do not let them stop you from achieving success
  • trust that your child knows when they need to go
  • devote time to potty training
  • toss the diapers and pull-ups, it is confusing if you have your child wear them sometimes
Overall, patience is key.  Try to not set expectations about how the toilet training process will go. Your child will get it when they are ready and they have both the emotional and physical redness. Good luck.

busting fertility myths

Various myths surround fertility, a complicated issue that many women struggle with. Therefore, today busted some common misconceptions:
  • If you are healthy, it's easy to get pregnant: FALSE
  • Your fertility drops dramatically after you turn 35: FALSE
  • If celebrities can get pregnant in their 40s and even 50s, so can I: FALSE
  • Infertility is only a woman's problem: FALSE
  • Just relax, then you will get pregnant: FALSE

maybe a baby carrier?

Babywearing International, a nonprofit group that promotes baby-wearing through more than 80 chapters in the United States, states, "baby-wearing makes for healthier premature babies and more-confident parents." They urge parents to spend time shopping for a baby carrier that best works for their family, noting parent body type, climate and easy assembly as important factors to consider. Benefits to baby-wearing for three hours a day include the potential for reduced crying by 43% during the day and 51% at night and allowing the freedom for a parent or caretaker to bond closer with the baby by offering more "snuggle time" as they go about their busy day. washington post more

special slippers

Mostly, ballet slippers are sold in the colors black or pink. But, the Dance Theater in Harlem requires the girls to match their tights to their skin color and then requests that the parents dye the shoes to match. . The request represents a trademark of the studio in order to have each of the girl's legs be "continuous to the eye. That’s the look we want to create.” The requirement was the most empowering for one mother who wrote about the experience in the nytimes . The sense of racial pride grew when the mom and daughter witnessed how each girl's lovely skin tone was lovingly matched.more

grizzly lines

Build-A-Bear halted its "pay your age" deal yesterday due to the overwhelming crowds at locations across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.  Stores closed based on safety concerns for the families waiting in lines for many hours, some even waited for nine hours to get the amazing deal.  Since the company did not anticipate enthusiasm for the promotion or the extensive crowds, they "distributed vouchers that will be valid through the end of August to the disappointed customers who were turned away after waiting in line." today more

summer schedules

Soooo... what are your children doing this summer? The question often raises stress levels for parents, especially if both parents work full time. To tackle their children's schedules, many parents signed up their children for various day camps costing many thousands of dollars. Some rely on relatives watching the children for a week or so and others juggle hectic schedules, constantly switching from one camp to another and trying to keep track of drop off/pick up times and who is going where. nytimes To "solve summer," some parents discussed the desire for schools to offer cheap (or free) summer programs or to consider offering year-round school. If you are feeling totally overwhelmed this summer trying to keep your kids busy, you are definitely not alone.more

recalled honey smacks still being sold

The recalled cereal, Honey Smacks, is still in stores across the country.  The FDA and FDA and CDC still urge consumers not to purchase the cereal. totz+today Additionally, if you purchased the cereal and placed it in another container, throw out the cereal promptly and thoroughly wash the container. For more information on the recall, click here: today more

ALERT - Recall of Allura Children's Pajamas

Allura has recalled some of its children's sleepwear due to not meeting the Federal Flammability Standard. They are issuing refunds to people who have purchased their product. For more information, click here .

backyard buzz

What’s new, different and unique? Peek into these cities’ backyards to find the buzz.

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