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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

9/11 - history to our children

For young students, elementary to high school, the September 11th terrorist attack is not a memory - it is history. Unfortunately, it is a part of our country's story - but how do we teach our children about this terrifying event? A new HBO documentary, What Happened On 9/11, debuts today - recognizing the significance of 9/11 in a way that is appropriate for children. Filmmaker, Amy Schatz, realized that her project was necessary when a third grade girl told her about a playdate she had with a friend and they Googled "September 11 attacks"...  In Schatz's words: “When a child does that, what he or she finds are some pretty horrific images that are not necessarily appropriate for kids. So I felt a responsibility to try to fill that void and try to give kids something that isn’t horrifying and kind of fills in the gap.” She goes on to say, “One of the biggest questions the kids have is 'why?' ‘Why would somebody do that? Why would there be such cruelty?' That’s a very difficult thing to grapple with and answer so that was the trickiest part of the project.” The film sprinkles in history about New York and the World Trade Center, the one-time tallest towers in the world and Osama bin Laden. But it never truly answers the whys. Maybe no one can... but we will always Remember. ap news + documentary trailer
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