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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

abandoned embryos

Thousands of fertility doctors throughout the country are grappling with what to do with the embryos cast aside by former patients, many of whom worked for months, even years, to conceive. Since embryos are eggs that have been fertilized - they have potential for life. The dilemma is what to do with those that have been abandoned and who should assume ownership of them? Experts say hundreds of thousands of embryos have been cast aside, if not more - causing concern among bioethicists, attorneys, religious groups and the medical community. “The problem is, even if an embryo is considered abandoned, even if there’s a contract in place, it’s very difficult to get rid of. What if one day someone shows up and says, ‘Where’s my embryo?’ And you wind up on the front page of the newspaper for destroying someone’s embryo? The damage would be done,” said one fertility clinic. Unfortunately, even when patients indicate they want to donate their embryos to science - there are limited facilities willing to take them because there is such an abundance of embryos. nbc news

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