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Thursday, November 14, 2019

adding breast milk shipping to company benefits

Employers realize how important it is to retain good employees - which include mothers! To help these essential employees, some companies are now offering "breast milk shipping" services to their benefits. For moms that travel for their jobs, breast milk shipping is an emerging trend. Bazaarvoice, SAP, Pinterest, Home Depot, Zillow, Activision Blizzard and Hilton are among the employers offering the perk in hopes of retaining new moms and making their transition back to the workplace easier. In the process, the benefit is helping to transform workplace culture, “There’s this immediate-impact benefit to nursing moms coming back in the workforce, and they like the fact that, ‘My employer is recognizing that I’m in a different spot, this is something I want to do for my child and you’re making it easier for me,’ ” says Jason Russell, director of North America total rewards at SAP America. human resources executive
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