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Thursday, March 14, 2019

clipping little fingernails + toenails

My husband clipped our baby's fingernails once - Only once....  He was traumatized when he clipped a little of our baby's skin by accident while attempting to shorten our baby's nails.  Since the process is precarious, some parents bite off their baby's fingernails.  (Wait... what?)  If that's not your preferred technique, here are some tips for successful clipping:
  • clip while sleeping - your baby might not wiggle and squirm while clipping during a nap, but make sure you have sufficient light.
  • distract - if you choose to clip while your baby is awake, make sure to distract your baby with their favorite song or a toy for their free-hand.
  • relax - it might be easier to clip your baby's nails after a bath.  Your baby will be more relaxed and the nails are softer to the touch post bath.
  • file - if you are too nervous to use clippers, try using a nail file first.
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