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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

fidgety kids - a good thing?

Fidgety kids seem bored or inattentive and can be distracting to others. Often parents and teachers demand that their children and students to "stop fidgeting."  But all that squirming around could actually be good for their health. Research suggests it might help protect against obesity, improve cardiovascular health, and even save lives - wow - who knew there were so many benefits to a busy body?  Scientists studied the difference between two groups of children - one being "most fidgety" and another being the "least fidgety." Turns out the "most fidgety" burned six more calories per hour- which doesn't seem like a lot - but when extrapolated over months and years, this could lead to large differences in energy use. It was also found that children were much less fidgety while watching TV than when drawing, coloring, or playing with toys on the floor. This may partly explain why time spent watching TV increases the risk of obesity so strongly in children compared to other sedentary activities. the conversation
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