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Thursday, November 7, 2019

finding her moxie

We should continue to empower our young girls.  (America definitely needs more female CEOs!)  But do enrichment classes, coding camps + stem activities help give our girls the tools that they need?  According to one mom, helping your daughter find her moxie might be more empowering instead.  Help her find her passion, her voice and her pride.  Instead of teaching girls to be cute, timid and humble, show them how powerful audacity and failure can be.  Teach her how to properly brag, to take risks and to kick perfection + rejection to the curb.  Teach her that “no” is a necessary and expected step on the way to “yes.”  Show her how to be relentless and to defy comparison + conformity.  Instead of specialized training and endless enrichment, show them how to be relentless + resourceful.  Therefore, explore their passions and help them turn it into projects.  Let them determine their moxie and watch them fail and then shine.  washington post
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