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Thursday, March 14, 2019

tips for flying with a toddler

New York Times has compiled a list of tips to help parents who are flying with infants and toddlers. The list comes from experienced parents - who have lived to tell about it! Here are a few tips that stood out to totz+:
  1. Fun tip: bring balloons! “uninflated balloons don’t weigh anything and don’t take up any space,” said a mom. During one delay at the airport, “we inflated the balloons, and instantly we had a fun game of knuckle volleyball."
  2. Choose a window seat for your child: “so you can set up a little play area, with a blanket on the floor, out of the way of other passengers.”
  3. Sedate or not sedate?: sedating can be a moral issue for some, for others it was a life-saver, but for a few it was plan that backfired. Benadryl sometimes makes kids wired - not tired! “Our 18-month-old ‘lap child’ spent the flight running up and down the aisle of the plane.”
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