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Thursday, December 6, 2018

influenced by formula manufacturers

Research has found the perception of an allergic response to cow's milk protein in children is ten times greater than what is actually being accurately diagnosed. It seems that infant formula manufacturers have been funding the research and development of guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of cows' milk allergy. Unfortunately, when businesses are allowed to shape the guidelines that health professionals use to diagnose and treat, this can lead to guidelines that end up treating symptoms that are actually normal infant behavior - with a product. Parents are told to seek help from health professionals when they are concerned about their baby. When parents are desperate for help, doctors want to provide it. For instance, Colic is a variation of normal infant behavior. It has no known medical cause or cure and this can make doctors feel powerless. However, infant formula manufacturers claim to have a solution - in turn providing  doctors a solution ... they just need to suggest  infant formula. If health professional guidelines and education is contaminated with marketing and influenced in other ways by infant formula manufacturers, the support doctors provide maybe misleading and invalid. This research brings to light the need for independent, non-commercial information and regulations on infant feeding.  the conversation
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