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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

introverted dads + their parenting challenges

Loads of parenting articles + books focus on the topic of introverted children, but what about introverted parents?  A new fatherly article highlights the struggles introverted dads face while parenting including, but not limited to, the following:
  • scrutiny from other parents
  • intimidation by other parents
  • concern that teachers might think that they are disinterested
  • living with guilt brought on by introversion
  • knowledge that playdates trigger anxiety
  • feelings that children are embarrassed by their personality
  • worry that their behavior will make it hard for their children
  • doubt that they will be a good role model for their children
  • fear that they will have nothing in common with their children
  • worry that a quiet or shy personality might be perceived as cold or even angry
"It’s even hard to do at family gatherings, especially with my wife’s family. My family knows I’m quiet, but her family doesn’t know me that well. So they always ask, ‘What’s wrong?’ Or say, ‘Hey! Snap out of it! Join the party!’ And it’s just like, snap out of what? I don’t need to be talking to have a good time."
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