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Thursday, December 6, 2018

parents with 'math anxiety'

Does the thought of helping your child with math create anxiety? A new study has found that math-anxious parents who used an app called Bedtime Math saw improvement in their children's math achievement—even years after the families stopped using the app. Exposure to the math app also changed parents' attitudes about math for the better. Because, Bedtime Math frames math problems through light-hearted themes like foot size, dogs or Halloween—and provides answers with a single click—it provides a low-stress way for parents to approach a subject that they may view as intimidating. "Children with parents who are fearful of math learn less math across the school year," said Beilock, who studies the pressures children face in school. "The power behind the parent-math app intervention is that it helped change parents' own attitudes about math—how important parents thought it was for their child to succeed in math, for example. This change in the parents' attitudes translated to children's higher overall math achievement." medical xpress
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