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Friday, November 8, 2019

pumping at work

The nytimes shared a comprehensive guide on successful pumping at work.  First and foremost, understand your rights at work and what your company's policies are.  Then create a plan to share with your employer and find a time and place that is comfortable for you.  Know that some companies are not obligated to pay for the time it takes you to pump, so understand the rules before you start.  Most insurance companies cover breast pumps.  Therefore, check with your provider to find out how to get one.  The article also provided a rough schedule to prepare yourself for pumping:
  • 2 months before you go back to work - make sure you have all the supplies required including freezer bags, appropriate bras, pump friendly outfits, etc.  
  • 1 month before you go back to work - start building up a stash of breast milk just in case your supply lessens once you return to work
  • 2 weeks before you go back to work - complete a pumping trial run (in office clothes) so that you are ready
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