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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

science behind dad jokes

Psychologist and Rochester University Counseling Center professor, Robert Pierce, has been on the scientific search for the reasons behind the cheesiness engrained in many fathers' humor (including his own).  Positive psychology shows that humor "can aid in intimacy and in reducing stress" and also elicit strong bonds between a parent and their child.  Pierce suggests that the dad joke cornball classics can help bring levity to most situations, indirectly helping children cope with the daily trials and tribulations of growing up.  In terms of the silly specifics of dad joke topics, Pierce explains that dads want to find comedic ways to connect with their children that don't come off as sexual or aggressive.  “You don’t want to tell dirty stories, and you want to be a good dad. And one way to be approachable and fun is to tell goofy puns or one-liners,” Dr. Pierce says.  So parents, when your kiddos role their eyes in embarrassment the next time a "guy walks into a bar" tell them it's good for their health!  wall street journal
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